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Eco-Friendly Pest Solutions

At Bigfoot Pest Management, we use eco-friendly products and techniques that are safe for both your family, pets, and the planet. This commitment to sustainability exemplifies our dedication to offering top-quality pest control services which are both efficient and eco-friendly.

Quality Local Service

As a locally owned and operated business, we take great pleasure in serving our community with personalized and attentive service. Our team of skilled technicians is dedicated to offering prompt and effective solutions to keep your home or business pest-free. We work until your bugs are gone.

Licensed and Insured

BigFoot Pest Management is fully licensed and insured to offer reliable and professional pest control services that adhere to industry standards. When you choose BigFoot Pest Management, you can rest easy knowing you will receive quality service that satisfies every expectation.

Lacey Pest Control Experts

Looking for your local experts in pest control for Lacey, WA? Welcome to Bigfoot Pest Management, the company your neighbors trust to provide the highest standards in pest control. We know that a pest infestation is a stressful experience for any home or business owner. Our locally owned and operated pest control company is dedicated to providing you with the most reliable, effective, and eco-friendly pest control services to each member of our community. Licensed and insured, our pest technicians know your bugs inside and out, and we guarantee that we know how to handle them.

Whether it be ants, spiders, rodents, stinging insects, or any other type of pest that’s disrupting the peace of your home or workplace, our pest control professionals will quickly identify your pests as well as the root cause of the problem.

Above all, our goal is to provide personalized and attentive pest control services to our community. Helping our neighbors as well as yours maintain a pest free home is what’s the most important. That’s why we take the time to answer any questions or concerns you have about your treatment and create the perfect pest control solution specifically for the needs of your home or business.

Have a minor pest problem? No issue. Have a major pest infestation on your hands? We’ve got you covered there too. You can count on Bigfoot Pest Management to be on top of the game when it comes to pest control in Lacey, WA, quality customer service, and serving our local community. Contact us today for a free onsite quote!

12 Years of the Best Pest Control Service in Lacey, WA

Bigfoot Pest Management is proud to be the best pest control service in Lacey, WA. More importantly, we’re proud to be able to promise that you will never become just another number on a spreadsheet. Elliott Hahn, founder and lead pest technician, left the over-commercialized pest control industry because he realized the people of his community deserved a better pest control service. The best pest control service. He’s the guy who answers the phone, and, odds are, he’s also the guy killing your bugs. Building strong relationships with each of our customers is the foundation of our company, and with our pest control service being built on over a decade of experience, we’re able to provide our legendary service guarantee. If your bugs come back in between treatments, so do we. Contact us today to experience the legendary service of your neighbors choice for pest control in Lacey, WA.

Owner of Bigfoot Pest Management in Olympia, WA

Elliott Hahn

Elliott Hahn is the founder of Bigfoot Pest Management, and with 12 years of pest control experience under his belt, he’s proud to be operating a local business that provides the highest standards of customer service and pest services alike. As a member of his community, You’ll never just be a number on a spreadsheet.

Our Pest Control Services

Close-up young rats (Rattus norvegicus) sniffs leftovers on a plate on sink at the kitchen. Fight with rodents in the apartment. Extermination.

Rodent Control

Rodent infestations can cause extensive damage to your home or business, and the mere thought of them scurrying around in your walls and crawl spaces can be unsettling. At Bigfoot Pest Management, we understand how crucial it is to keep your property rodent-free. That’s why we offer thorough rodent inspections, followed by efficient exclusion and elimination services. 

ant infestation pest control services in Olympia Wa

Ant Control

Dealing with ants can be a major hassle, especially here in the Pacific Northwest. At Bigfoot Pest Management, we understand the challenge of removing these pesky insects and are here to help. Our team is dedicated to tackling the hard work of ant control so you can relax and enjoy a pest-free home or business.

giant house spider lurking in web dusty bathroom

Spider Control

Walking into a spider web is nobody’s idea of a good time. Fortunately, Bigfoot Pest Management offers comprehensive spider control services that not only involve physical removal of webs and egg sacs but also a thorough treatment to prevent their recurrence.

bee & wasp nest control in olympia

Bee & Wasp Control

Ants are a common problem in the Pacific Northwest, and they can be very bothersome to deal with. At Bigfoot Pest Management, we understand the challenges of ant control and have the expertise to eliminate them effectively. Allow us to handle the hard work and take care of these pests, so you can have a pest-free home or business.

Providing Legendary Service in Lacey, WA & Surrounding Areas

Legendary Service Guaranteed

At Bigfoot Pest Management, we stand behind our services with our legendary guarantee. We’re so confident in our ability to effectively eliminate pests from your property that we promise you’ll be satisfied with our services. If your bugs come back, so do we. 

Affordable Pest Control

We understand the importance of balancing both quality and affordability when it comes to pest control services. Every member of our community deserves to have access to effective pest control solutions without having to break the bank.

Bigfoot Program

Quarterly Service
  • For people who want to reduce the stress & pressure of seasonal pests
  • Affordable
  • Eco-Friendly Pest Control
  • Legendary Service Guarantee

Legendary Program

Bi-Monthly Service
  • For people who want nothing to do with pests in their home or business
  • Affordable
  • Eco-Friendly Pest Control
  • Legendary Service Guarantee
Best Deal

One Time Service

One Time Service
  • For home sales, pest emergencies, or just a little help with pest control
  • Affordable
  • Eco-Friendly Pest Control
  • Legendary Service Guarantee

Five-Star "Pest Control Near Me"

Ann Babb
Ann Babb
Positives: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
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Elliot is professional and personable. He was patient with me when I had to change the schedule and was flexible and polite about my error. I appreciate that he educated me about all he was doing. He also clued me in as to where and how the little critters were getting in and took care of it. Quick service. Fair price. Local business. All important to me. A++
Rick Carlson
Rick Carlson
Positives: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
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Elliot was awesome. My sons room had ants in the window sill in the morning. We called that day and he showed up that afternoon on time. He sprayed all around the outside where he said the ants were most likely coming up as he didn’t see any when he arrived. I found a colony under a piece of artificial turf the next day, and he came right back out to spray it as well. Haven’t seen any ants since he sprayed. I highly recommend his business and would recommend him to anyone!
Dylan W
Dylan W
Positives: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
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I contacted Elliott, who was quick to answer the phone. I explained to him I had ants that were along my foundation and slowly making their way into my home. Elliott was able to tell me about his experience and business and what his plan of action was for the ants. We scheduled a time and date for the spray. Elliott was very communicative throughout the week leading up to my appointment with him. He was prompt on the date of my scheduled spray and did a great job with my home. 10/10 would recommend. Support your local businesses.

What is a Pest Exterminator?

Our professional pest exterminators define the term as a trained and experienced professional that is skills at both identifying and eliminating pests from any residential or commercial property. These are the kind of people our team is built with. Our expert pest exterminators in Lacey, WA have extensive knowledge of your local pest problems. Being well equipped with the latest tools and technology as well, we guarantee that we can effectively eliminate pests from your property.

Any pest exterminator from Bigfoot Pest Management that comes to service your home or business undergoes regular training to make sure that we’re up to date on modern pest control methods and techniques.

No matter what pest pest problem you’re facing, our professional team is the #1 choice for pest extermination services in Lacey, WA. contact us today for a free onsite quote!

The Top Choice For Local Pest Extermination

We’re proud to be the top choice for pest extermination in Lacey, WA and surrounding areas. Serving our local community is our main priority with our pest management services. Alongisde our expertise and commitment to quality work, we’re also certified by the Washington Pest Management Association.

This certification is just one example of the way we uphold the highest standards of professionalism, safety, and effectiveness in our pest extermination services in Lacey.

When you choose Bigfoot Pest Management, you can trust that you’re getting the highest quality of pest control services from a team qualified AND dedicated to delivering exceptional results. Claim your free onsite quote today!

Lacey Washington Disc Golf Course

Lacey, Wa

With a population of around 52,000 people, Lacey, Washington is the third-largest city in Thurston County. It’s also home to the Woodland Creek Community Park that features a unique 9-hole disc golf course that will take you on a short adventure through a wooded area and around a pond. Lacey is a vibrant and growing community that is a home to many shops, businesses, and restaurants, but its commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship is really what sets the city apart.

Pest Control FAQ

When you’re looking for a good scorpion exterminator in Lacey, WA, do some research considering a few factors. First, you want to find a pest control company that offers scorpion control services for your home or business. After that, make sure to check the reviews and ratings of the company you’ve chosen to get an idea of the pest control company’s reputation and customer satisfaction. Also, you need to make sure that you’re working with pest control experts that are licensed, insured, and going to use scorpion extermination methods that are both safe and effectives,

At Bigfoot Pest Management, we pride ourselves on being the go-to pest control company for scorpion extermination in Lacey. Our team of experiences pest control professionals knows the ins and outs of scorpion behaviors and habitats, and we’re always up to date with the most effective methods to eliminate your scorpion problem. With our years of experience in scorpion extermination, we’re able to identify the areas ni your home or business that are the most susceptible to scorpion infestations and even take preventative measures to make sure they don’t come back.

Contact Bigfoot Pest Management today to claim your free onsite quote and receive the best scorpion extermination service in Lacey, Washington.

There are several signs that could indicated that you’re dealing with a rodent infestation. These include the presence of actual droppings and things that might be chewed or gnawed. You also might be dealing with a rodent infestation if you’re noticing scratching sounds in the walls or ceilings. If you ever come across any of these signs or even see a live or dead rodent in your home, it’s important that you contact a professional rodent control company in Lacey, Washington.

At Bigfoot Pest Managemnet, rodent control is one of our specialties and we have years of experience in effectively identifying and elimination rodent infestations in homes and businesses throughout Lacey. Our licensed and insured technicians are always on top of the latest techniques in rodent control. Don’t let rodents take over your home. Contact us today to receive your free onsite quote and experience the legendary service of Bigfoot Pest Management.

The length of team that a pest control treatment can take varies depending on the type of pest you’re facing, the severity of your pest infestation, and also the size of your property. For example, if you’re handling a small ant infestation in lacey, it might only take 30 minutes for a professional ant control technician to treat your home. A bed bug infestation, on the other hand, might take several hours of treatment to get the job done.

Our pest control professionals in Lacey, Washington will assess your specific pest problem and provide you with an estimated timeline for treatment to be completed. If you’re looking for a pest control company that will take care of your home or business with legendary service, you’re looking for Bigfoot Pest Management.

Our pest control company is unmatched by any company when it comes to the level of care provided to each one of our customers. Proud to be local, we consider each of our customers like neighbors and only want the best for our community. Contact us today to receive a free onsite quote!

Regularly schedules pest control services provide a lot of value for your home or business even when you can’t currently detect any pests on your property. An expert pest control technician might be able to identify a pest infestation in a location that you might have never thought to check for bugs or rodents. 

However, the real value lies in preventing a pest infestation from occurring in the first place. At Bigfoot Pest Management, our licensed and insured pest technicians will give your home a full inspection to see what parts of your home are at risk of future pest infestations, and address any potential issues early on. In the long run, this could even save your money by avoiding any costly damage that pests in Lacey, WA have been known to cause.

Another thing that can’t be overlooked is the health and safety benefits of having a pest free environment. Pests can carry harmful diseases and bacteria that will compromise the cleanliness quality of air in your home or business. 

At Bigfoot Pest Management, we offer customized pest control solutions that meet the specific needs of your property to give you the peace of mind you need. Our Legendary Service Guarantee also ensures that you will receive the best possible pest control services in Lacey, WA. Contact us today for your free onsite quote!

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