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Ants swarming on leaf

The Odorous House Ant (Sugar Ant) In Olympia: FAQ

Sugar ant control in Olympia   More commonly known as “sugar ants,” odorous house ants are one of the most common ant species in the Pacific Northwest. They are active starting in late February and typically remain so through the spring months. Colonies of them will make their way into your home for food and…
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moisture ants in olympia wa

Moisture Ants in Olympia, WA

Understanding Moisture Ants and Why They Call Olympia Home Moisture ants, as you might assume by the name, are small insects that thrive in damp environments. Unlike a carpenter ant, moisture ants do not need to remodel your home to make their stay. However, they are certainly a nuisance to your home and can be…
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A closeup shot of two ants walking on a wooden surface

Carpenter Ants Olympia, WA

Understanding Carpenter Ants and Why They Call Olympia Home It’s known that ants are some of the hardest-working creatures on the planet, and carpenter ants are no different. Carpenter ants, however, are likely to sneak in and begin renovating your home without permission, the proper permits, bonds, or insurance, and leave you to foot the…
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Bigfoot Pest Management Cap

Your Trusted Exterminator in Shelton, Olympia and Yelm, WA

Top Notch Pest Control in Shelton. Top Notch Pest Control in Yelm.   Bigfoot Pest Management: Your Trusted Exterminator in Shelton, Olympia, and Yelm, WA! Welcome to Bigfoot Pest Management, your go-to partner for top-notch pest control services in Shelton, Olympia, and Yelm, WA! Exterminator in Shelton, WA: At Bigfoot Pest Management, we take pride…
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close up of a fly

Defeating Biting Flies in Olympia, WA

Biting flies in Olympia are pretty much the perfect insect to ruin your family’s fun and outdoor experience. At Bigfoot Pest Management, we’ve had more than our fair share of experience with how these buzzers can ruin a beautiful day. Because of this, we’re providing you, local Olympia resident, with the trips and tricks you…
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gray mouse on brown wooden surface

Rodent Control and Extermination in Olympia, WA

  Welcome to Bigfoot Pest Management’s blog, where we’re dedicated to providing valuable information on pest control, with a focus on rodent control and extermination in Olympia, WA. Dealing with rodents can be a challenging and frustrating experience, but with the right knowledge and professional assistance, you can safeguard your home and family from these…
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