Your Trusted Pest Control in Olympia, Lacey and Tumwater, WA

Pest Control Olympia WA

Your Trusted Pest Control in Olympia, Lacey, and Tumwater, WA   Welcome to Bigfoot Pest Management, where family values meet effective pest solutions! As a locally owned and family-operated business, we take pride in serving the vibrant communities of Olympia, Lacey, and Tumwater, WA. We are your trusted pest control in Olympia and all surrounding…

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Defeating Biting Flies in Olympia, WA

close up of a fly

Biting flies in Olympia are pretty much the perfect insect to ruin your family’s fun and outdoor experience. At Bigfoot Pest Management, we’ve had more than our fair share of experience with how these buzzers can ruin a beautiful day. Because of this, we’re providing you, local Olympia resident, with the trips and tricks you…

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Rodent Control and Extermination in Olympia, WA

gray mouse on brown wooden surface

  Welcome to Bigfoot Pest Management’s blog, where we’re dedicated to providing valuable information on pest control, with a focus on rodent control and extermination in Olympia, WA. Dealing with rodents can be a challenging and frustrating experience, but with the right knowledge and professional assistance, you can safeguard your home and family from these…

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Proven and Effective Pest Control in Olympia, WA

Welcome to Bigfoot Pest Management, your go-to solution for top-notch pest control services in Olympia, WA and the surrounding areas. As your trusted Olympia exterminator, we take pride in our commitment to providing effective and reliable pest management tailored to the unique needs of our community. Olympia Exterminator Services At Bigfoot Pest Management, we understand…

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Pest Control in Lacey, WA: Your Ultimate Guide

Nestled in the heart of the picturesque Pacific Northwest, Lacey, WA, offers its residents the perfect blend of natural beauty and suburban comfort. However, even in this idyllic setting, unwanted pests can find their way into homes and businesses, disrupting the peace and serenity that Lacey is known for. In this blog post, we will…

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Is winter pest control necessary?

PNW winters bring chilly weather and rain, making your home a cozy outpost. Unfortunately, you aren’t the only one looking to keep warm and dry this season. If you’ve ever wondered, “Do I really need to worry about pests invading my home in winter?” – you’re in the right place. We’re here to find out…

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Tackling Stink Bugs and Overwintering Insects

As the seasons change, so do the challenges that pest management professionals face. In the colder months, certain pests like stink bugs and overwintering insects seek refuge indoors, turning your cozy home into their winter haven. At Bigfoot Pest Management, we understand the importance of keeping your living space pest-free year-round. In this blog post,…

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Fall Pest Control Tips for Olympia and Lacey, WA

Fall pest control is the most important when it comes to keeping your home insect free! As the leaves change colors and the temperatures drop in Olympia and Lacey, WA, it’s a sure sign that fall has arrived. While many people enjoy the crisp air and cozy sweaters, it’s also a time when pests seek…

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Battling carpenter ants in Olympia and Lacey, WA

Carpenter Ants in Olympia: They may be tiny, but their ability to wreak havoc on homes and structures is anything but small. In the scenic Olympia and Lacey areas of Washington state, these pests can pose a significant threat to properties. But fear not, for Bigfoot Pest Management is here to save the day! In…

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