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Eco-Friendly Pest Solutions

At Bigfoot Pest Management, we use eco-friendly products and techniques that are safe for your family, pets, and the planet. This commitment to sustainability exemplifies our dedication to offering top-quality pest control services which are both efficient and eco-friendly.

Quality Local Service

As a locally owned and operated business, we take great pleasure in serving our community with personalized and attentive service. Our team of skilled technicians is dedicated to offering prompt and effective solutions to keep your home or business pest-free. We work until your bugs are gone.

Licensed and Insured

BigFoot Pest Management is fully licensed and insured to offer reliable and professional pest control services that adhere to industry standards. When you choose BigFoot Pest Management, you can rest easy knowing you will receive quality service that satisfies every expectation.

Legendary Centralia Pest Control Experts

Like any other place in Greater Washington, Centralia is not immune to pest infestations that can disrupt the serenity of your home. That’s where The Bigfoot Pest Management steps in. We offer professional and quality pest control services in Centralia and its neighboring areas. For over 12 years, our goal has been to ensure your home remains free of ant infestations, rodents, wasps, and other pesky creatures. We bring extensive experience and knowledge of pest control to eliminate pests from your home for good. Whether you want to control, manage, or prevent future pest problems, you can count on us.

Unlike other pest control companies in Centralia, WA, we provide a comprehensive approach to pest control and management. We are licensed and insured, so you can rest assured that our services are safe and reliable. Our technicians use the latest technology to identify and remove pests from your home while considering your safety, budget, and needs.

Call us today for eco-friendly, effective pest control in Centralia, WA.

12 Years of the Best Pest Control Service in Centralia, WA

With over a decade of experience in the industry, The Bigfoot Pest Management has become a trusted name in Centralia, WA. This is a testament to our commitment in delivering effective and reliable services to our valued customers. When you choose Bigfoot Pest Management, you can be sure that you’re going to get the best pest control services in town.

Our team of experienced technicians can identify the source of your pest problem and tailor a solution for your home. Whether it is a persistent rodent problem, pesky ants, or stubborn spiders, our team can get rid of them all. We always recommend performing an inspection before starting the treatment process. This ensures total extermination of the pest while avoiding any potential damage to your property.

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pest control company owner, Elliot Hahn | Bigfoot pest management

Elliott Hahn

Elliott Hahn is the founder of Bigfoot Pest Management, and with over 12 years of pest control experience under his belt, he’s proud to be operating a local business that provides the highest standards of customer service and pest services alike. As a member of his community, you’ll never just be a number on a spreadsheet.

Our Pest Control Services

Ant Control Service in Olympia Washington

Ant Control

Ants might be small, but when they invade your space, they can be a big problem. Our ant control services in Centralia are designed to eliminate existing ant colonies and prevent future infestations. We employ safe and eco-friendly methods to tackle ant infestations at their source.

rodent control olympia wa

Rodent Control

Rodents can be a major nuisance and a health hazard. From mice scurrying in the attic to rats invading your pantry, rodents can wreak havoc. The Bigfoot Pest Management offers comprehensive rodent control, such as exclusion and trappings, to eliminate these unwelcome intruders from your home or business.

spider control olympia wa

Spider Control

While spiders play a vital role in the ecosystem, having them inside your home can be unsettling. Certain species of spiders can be venomous and pose a risk to your family’s well-being. At The Bigfoot Pest Management, we specialize in spider control, identifying and eradicating spiders while ensuring your living space remains spider-free.

bee and wasp control olympia wa

Bee and Wasp Control

Bee and wasp nests near your property can be a concern, especially if you or your loved ones are allergic to their stings. Our bee and wasp control services prioritize the safety of your family while effectively removing these stinging insects. We can remove nests, block entry points, and perform other treatments to prevent future infestations.

Providing Legendary Pest Control in Olympia, WA & Surrounding Areas

Legendary Service Guaranteed

At Bigfoot Pest Management, we stand behind our services with our legendary guarantee. We’re so confident in our ability to effectively eliminate pests from your property that we promise you’ll be satisfied with our services. If your bugs come back, so do we. 

Affordable Pest Control

We understand the importance of balancing both quality and affordability when it comes to pest control services. Every member of our community deserves to have access to effective pest control solutions without having to break the bank.

Bigfoot Program

Quarterly Service
  • For people who want to reduce the stress & pressure of seasonal pests
  • Affordable
  • Eco-Friendly Pest Control
  • Legendary Service Guarantee

Legendary Program

Bi-Monthly Service
  • For people who want nothing to do with pests in their home or business
  • Affordable
  • Eco-Friendly Pest Control
  • Legendary Service Guarantee
Best Deal

One Time Service

One Time Service
  • For home sales, pest emergencies, or just a little help with pest control
  • Affordable
  • Eco-Friendly Pest Control
  • Legendary Service Guarantee
Claudia Robinson
Claudia Robinson
Positives: Professionalism, Responsiveness, Value
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Elliot is professional and personable. He was patient with me when I had to change the schedule and was flexible and polite about my error. I appreciate that he educated me about all he was doing. He also clued me in as to where and how the little critters were getting in and took care of it. Quick service. Fair price. Local business. All important to me. A++
Breahna Kidd
Breahna Kidd
Positives: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
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Every year towards the end of the summer black insects would use the siding of our house as their breeding ground basically. They never stung or bit anyone and very few would actually make it into the house; however, they took over our windows. I could not open them without letting in hundreds if not thousands of these bugs. This year, they came back in full force, along with these nasty stink bugs— so enough was enough. First i called a company which i later learned is chain company (despite their reviews on google), but all they did was transfer me and then send me to voicemail. Right after i hung up i went back to google maps and searched more pest control businesses and their reviews until i came across Bigfoot Pest Management. The reviews were great, mentioned the name Elliot specifically, and said the pricing was more than fair. So i called Bigfoot Pest and it did go to voicemail BUT Elliot called me back within 5 minutes— and within 8 minutes he had told me the name of the bugs taking over my house, why they were here, and even had me on his schedule for the following week!! (i called on a Friday evening). All the reviews are true! Elliot was unbelievably knowledgeable, punctual, and guarantees his work. I am shaking my head that i waited this long to reach out, but I’m glad i did because who knows if i would have ended up reaching out to Bigfoot Pest Management. It’s honestly a huge sigh of relief signing up for quarterly visits and knowing i don’t have to deal with this again next summer!
Christine Clements
Christine Clements
Positives: Value
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Elliot was very friendly and took plenty of time to get to know our family and how best to treat and prevent for our family and pets. We set up a schedule and look forward to not having ants in our home. His prices are fair and he cares foremost about the safety of everyone. We also got a lesson on some of the ants that are beneficial and how to encourage them to not come into our house
John Clabaugh
John Clabaugh
Positives: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
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Elliott responded very quickly to our request. He knows his stuff and did a great job explaining what the problem was and how he could solve it. He was able to take care of the treatment on the initial visit, and his prices are very fair compared to the competition. We will definitely use Elliott and Bigfoot Pest Management for our future needs.

Pest Extermination Services in Centralia, WA

When pests become a severe problem, immediate action is necessary. At The Bigfoot Pest Management, we are leading exterminators in Centralia, WA. We use safe and effective methods to achieve total elimination of pests from your home or business. Whether it’s a bed bug infestation, a termite colony, or a persistent cockroach problem, we are equipped to handle it all.

Unlike pest control and management, extermination offers a robust and long-term solution to your pest problem. Our dedicated team of pest control experts is ready to tackle any pest problem, big or small, with the utmost care and expertise.

A Leading Company for Pest Extermination in Centralia, WA

As a locally owned and operated business, The Bigfoot Pest Management is deeply committed to the Centralia community. We take pride in being a leading company for pest extermination and strive to exceed our customers’ expectations. We stand as a legendary service dedicated to preserving the comfort and well-being of the community. With 12 years of experience, a range of specialized pest control services, and a commitment to excellence, we are your go-to choice for pest control in Centralia, WA.

Trust us to keep your home or business pest-free, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of Centralia without interruption. Contact us today to schedule an inspection and take the first step in pest-free living.

Olympia Washington

Centralia, WA

Centralia, Washington, is a charming and historic city located in the heart of Lewis County in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. Nestled between the lush forests of the Cascade Range and the picturesque waters of the Chehalis River, Centralia offers a unique blend of natural beauty and small-town charm.

Centralia’s strong sense of community and friendly atmosphere make it a welcoming place for residents and visitors alike. Whether you’re interested in history, outdoor adventures, or simply soaking in the relaxed Pacific Northwest lifestyle, Centralia, WA, offers a delightful blend of past and present in a beautiful natural setting.

If you suspect that any of the Centralia, WA pests have made your property their home, please give Bigfoot Pest Management a call at 360-789-5295 or request and online quote today!

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