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Fall Pest Control Tips for Olympia and Lacey, WA


Fall pest control is the most important when it comes to keeping your home insect free!

As the leaves change colors and the temperatures drop in Olympia and Lacey, WA, it’s a sure sign that fall has arrived. While many people enjoy the crisp air and cozy sweaters, it’s also a time when pests seek refuge from the changing weather and start infiltrating homes. To help you keep your home pest-free this fall, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide tailored for fall pest control in the Olympia and Lacey, WA areas.

  1. Understanding Local Pest Problems

    Before delving into pest control methods, it’s essential to know what pests are common in your area. In Olympia and Lacey, residents often encounter pests like ants, spiders, rodents, and stink bugs during the fall. Each of these pests has unique behaviors and preferences, so understanding them is the first step in effective pest control.

  2. Sealing Entry Points

    The fall season brings a drop in temperatures, which can motivate pests to find warm and cozy places to nest. Inspect your home for potential entry points such as cracks in the foundation, gaps around windows and doors, and openings in the attic or basement. Seal these openings with caulk, weatherstripping, or mesh screens to prevent pests from getting inside.

  3. Keep Your Yard Tidy

    Many pests, such as ants and rodents, are attracted to food sources. In the fall, fallen leaves, ripe fruits, and unsecured garbage bins can lure pests closer to your home. Keep your yard clean by raking leaves, picking up fallen fruit, and securing trash cans with tight-fitting lids.

  4. Trim Trees and Shrubs

    Overgrown vegetation close to your home can create pathways for pests to access your property. Trim trees and shrubs that are touching or near your house to eliminate these potential bridges for pests. This also reduces hiding spots for pests like spiders.

  5. Regular Pest Inspections

    To catch any potential infestations early, schedule regular pest inspections with a local pest control professional. They can identify and address pest issues before they become major problems.

  6. Natural Remedies

    For eco-conscious homeowners, consider using natural remedies to deter pests. Sprinkle diatomaceous earth around the perimeter of your home to deter crawling insects, or plant pest-repelling herbs like basil and mint near entry points.

  7. Professional Pest Control Services

    When all else fails or if you’re dealing with a severe infestation, it’s time to call in the professionals. Bigfoot Pest Management in Olympia and Lacey, WA, has the expertise and tools to handle even the toughest pest problems. They can tailor their treatments to the specific pests common in the area.

  8. Stay Informed

    Finally, staying informed about local pest trends and seasonal changes can help you stay ahead of potential infestations. Local pest control companies often provide valuable information about pest activity in your area, so keep an eye out for updates.

Fall is a beautiful time in Olympia and Lacey, WA, but it also brings challenges in the form of unwanted pests seeking shelter. By following these fall pest control tips and staying proactive, you can enjoy the season to its fullest without the nuisance of pests invading your home. If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to your local pest control professionals at Bigfoot Pest Management who understand the unique pest challenges of the Olympia and Lacey areas. Keep your home cozy, pest-free, and ready for the fall season!

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